What we offer

Blue Pixel Studio offers a wide variety of services from designing and developing applications, graphic design, website design and creation, custom software builds, SEO, social media marketing and email and sms marketing to name a few. 

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    Web Design & Development

    Everyone needs a website. Whether you are an individual or a business, it is an essential part of your digital online presence. Let us design you something unique to fit your needs and promote you or your business.

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    Custom Software Development

    With a team of dedicated developers, we'd like to say: "If you can think it, we can code it", from games to complex custom internal systems, we can do it all like our tag-line says: "Virtually Anything". 

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    App Design & Development

    As society moves further into the future, businesses and people want to be more connected and on the move than ever before. With the latest developments in application software, Blue Pixel Studio can create and build the app that you need to keep up with this ever-growing world.

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    Digital Design

    With an entire crew of skilled graphic designers, we can give your company or business a unique look that every CEO wants. From Business Cards to Billboards, Logos to Print Media; we have got you covered for all your branding and graphics design needs.

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    Social Media Management

    Social Media aids in building a company or individual's personality and creates "brand awareness". If you want your company to reach its full potential, you need to be on the ball and with the trend.

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    VR, AR & MR

    3D not enough for you? Do you want to dive deep into the virtual world? Now you can, with the most significant growing technological advancement of this era. Virtual and Augmented reality can put you in a world parallel to our own. With our talented crew of sound engineers, animators and designers, your fantasy world can be your reality.

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    With our ambitious and dedicated team of developers and designers, we can bring your game to life or "Gamify" boring old content on any digital platform.

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    We are passionate about e-learning and develop interactive content software which will enable you to manage and track the teaching and learning of content better than traditional systems.

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    Paper is so old fashioned! If you have existing content you want to be converted to a digital format, let us know, you never know, we might save a tree or two.

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    Web Speed & Security Optimization

    Need to speed up and securing your WordPress website? We are here to help! Let us audit your website and analyse how we can help you make it better. Additionally, we provide reports so that you can control the process.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Our specialists are here to apply the best techniques to optimise your website and help to improve your visibility on the leading search engines and increasing traffic.

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