Case Study: Financial Company Rebranding Strategy

Our task was to conduct full rebranding, including visual brand identity, logo, a tone of voice, brand design, and business assets.


Financial Industry


Content strategy, rebranding, social media marketing, brand identity strategy and online advertising


3,800% referral increase from LinkedIn. Facebook subscribers increased by 207%.Click-through rate improvement from 3,000 to 5,800.


The party has been providing commercial and investment banking services for almost 50 years. The organisation demonstrated constant expansion, stable growth, and sustainable development, positioning to undergo a rebranding of its brand identity and adopt a new name.



After a thorough analysis, we defined two additional goals to facilitate our mission. They included the increase of brand awareness and brand identity the fostering of client retention. Given the fact that the company changed the name and logo, we decided to conduct a reintroduction strategy supported by social media, SEO, and online advertising.
Online AdvertisingTo ensure the satisfying awareness rate of rebranding, we launched a year-long strategy aimed to increase the engagement rate and clients’ loyalty. The plan included seasonal promotions and special offers for new and regular clients.
Social MediaWe selected three channels for rebranding: LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Preliminary research of the target audience demonstrated that 62% use Facebook while the remaining 38% give preference to LinkedIn, YouTube or other media. We ran online advertising campaigns to increase audience engagement. All existing brand channels were renamed.
SEOTo transit all value from the company website, we incorporated paid search ads and SEO tools. Additionally, we enhanced the company SEO strategy to improve ranking and increase traffic.

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  • Picture about the company


With a sustainable click-through rate improvement (from 3,000 to 5,800) and 3,800% referral increase from LinkedIn advertising, the rebranding campaign resulted in an effective strategy for attracting new clients and increase customer engagement. After launching a campaign, the number of Facebook subscribers increased by 207%. Additionally, the website started ranking higher on search engines. Currently, the company continues to work on Financial brand awareness, promoting better performance of services and flexibility to match the needs of modern business.

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